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General Information about Canada Opioid Crisis

Over the years, Canada has experienced an opioid upheaval that is overly rated as a nation health disaster and there is urgent need for a reliable solution. Basically, opioids are used to relief pain but there are multiple overuse and abuse of these opioids in Canada which has brought untimely deaths and family loses. Multiple families are suffering following the sudden or untimely demise of their loved ones and the communities have lost precious persons and so is the country. Basically, those people who abused the drug were either ignorant or trying to abuse it as a way of getting high. Canada is ranked second on the opioid prescriptions every year.

In the years 2017, Canada recorded 4000 opioid related deaths. This can be translated to mean that three hundred and thirty three people died each month throughout the year. As mentioned above, there are those that accidentally overdosed and others overdosed internationally. Comparing the total number of deaths caused by opioid in 2016 and 2017 identifies that 2016 recorded 34% lesser deaths. The total number of deaths recorded in 2018 are not yet summed up but it is believed that the situation has exacerbated.

The epidemic does not happen because of the government is not acting. Instead, the Canadian health department and government at large have enhanced restrictions for the usage of opioids and are still developing more rules and restrictions in order to improve the situation. There are plans and restrictions being formulated which will help restrict and oversee the overall marketing of opioids. Police departments together with the Canadian government prosecutors are overly working to ensure that all illegal opioid dealers are behind bars and prosecuted appropriately.

The Canadian masses are still accessing illegal opioids in the streets even after these restrictions. The summative prescriptions for opioids in the year 2017 were more than twenty one million. Fentanyl is also being smuggled from china and being availed illegally on the streets for the populaces. Therefore, the government is trying its level best to combat the smuggling of this fentanyl whether from china or any other place in the world.

There is need for action and the Canadian government should lay strategies and plans that will oversee the overall dispensation of illegal opioids and fentanyl in the streets. Thus, it is essential to control the summative number of opioids prescriptions in the nation. As a way of handling these epidemic, the government should consider finding and arresting all the opioids and fentanyl cartels who keep availing these illegal drugs to the populaces and prosecute them as national threats. Sensitizing the populaces will help minimalize the accidental overuse of these drugs.

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